The Rhineland-Herzegovina wine-growing area is the largest German wine-growing region. In this region there is a large selection of white and red wines, but the main varieties are Riesling, Müller-Thurgau and Dornfelder. The young winegrowers use their know-how and their self-confidence to promote innovation and preserve the historic wine culture. In many inns, regional chefs conjure up perfectly matched specialties with Rheinhessen wine.


One of the most beautiful wine regions in Germany is Franconia. Exciting cycling and hiking trails between Spessart, Rhön and Steigerwald await you. There you will find varied landscapes, charming winegrowers, Franconian hospitality and probably see a castle.


The Baden wine region, the southernmost and third largest in Germany, is primarily a long, thin strip of vineyards nestled between the hills of the Black Forest and the Rhine, stretching for some 400 km. Many visitors are drawn to Baden for the mild climate, the pretty wine-growing villages and the diverse landscapes that offer varied wines. The city of Baden-Baden is known for high-end tourism, its resort and spa among the most chic in the world where several international festivals are also held.


La région viticole du Palatinat est la deuxième plus grande région viticole et l'un des plus grands producteurs de vin d'Allemagne. Non seulement les raisins se sentent à l'aise dans l'atmosphère chaleureuse, mais les citrons, les figues et les kiwis mûrissent également en grande abondance. De plus, les villages pittoresques sous le soleil brûlant offrent une touche méditerranéenne particulière. Dans la région viticole du Palatinat, vous vous sentirez sûrement rapidement comme dans le jardin d'Eden.


La région viticole de la Moselle est la plus ancienne et la plus grande région viticole d'Allemagne et comprend les régions de la Moselle, de la Sarre et de la Ruwer. Il y a 2000 ans, les Romains y ont commencé la célèbre viticulture. Aujourd'hui, on cultive principalement des vins légers et fruités tels que le Riesling, l'Elbling et le Müller-Thurgau. L'Elbling blanc joue un rôle particulier, car il s'agit du cépage le plus ancien de la région. Rendez-vous dans l'une des charmantes caves, essayez leur assortiment et visitez les caves à vin historiques. Outre ses grands vignobles, la Moselle est aussi un lieu de villégiature apprécié. Vous découvrirez de nombreux sentiers de randonnées pédestres et cyclables qui vous guideront à travers vignobles, vallées et villages pittoresques.


Welcome to the sweetest place under the sun. Charming community nestled on the western shore of Okanagan Lake, Peachland is an exceptional travel destination for those looking to embrace the four seasons. During the summer season there are many hiking, biking and vineyard trails, all within minutes of Peachland.


Nowhere else in the Okanagan Valley will you find so many wineries clustered together in such a simple sightseeing itinerary! With breathtaking views and delicious dining options featuring local produce, one finds its earl here. You can combine your visit to the wine country with a selection of adventure sports, from kayaking and mountain biking to rock climbing. Or relax by the beach at one of the many lakeside resorts. The Naramata vineyards provide ideal conditions for full-bodied white grape varieties, as well as elegant, earlier-maturing red wines.


A desert in Canada? Yep, it is. Extending from the United States, the Great Basin Desert ends in Osoyoos, a small town just north of the border. Imagine dry summers and humidity-free weekends, and you'll see why this is a great place to go on vacation. It is home to the continent's first Aboriginal winery and Canada's warmest lake!


Primarily known as the "Wine Capital of Canada", the city is renowned for the quality of its wine. The topography and the climate provide optimal conditions for growing grapes. The city has the greatest concentration of vineyards and wine shops in British Columbia; over 30 stores in a 15 minute circle around Oliver.


Nestled between Okanagan Lake to the north and Skaha Lake to the south, Penticton is a bustling town in the Rocky Mountains, where activities abound: from hiking and biking on the Kettle Valley Trail to skiing on the slopes. from the Apex or rock climbing at Skaha Bluffs. For a more relaxing vacation, Penticton offers its 28 golf courses, including 7 professional golf courses, 88 vineyards and numerous orchards.


Nestled in the heart of its lagoon, Venice never ceases to make you dream! It is true that the city - made up of 127 islands - offers an atypical appearance. And if it hides many artistic and architectural wonders, it is also distinguished by exceptional craftsmanship! Lovers of arts, history or simply lovers: it is definitely one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe and, without doubt, the world!


Milan, a name synonymous with Mecca in the world of fashion and haute couture. The whole planet is in a hurry for shopping. But Milan has so much more to offer, a stay in one of Italy's biggest cities is enough to realize it. The kind of dream destination for a long weekend to visit a dynamic and festive city.


Between Nice, in France, and Florence, in Italy, a little tourist treasure awaits visitors: the Cinque Terre. These five villages, classified as a UNESCO heritage, are geographically linked to each other like the five fingers of a hand. From west to east, balanced on a narrow strip of land between the Mediterranean and a high mountain ridge, Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore are hung on vertiginous cliffs, forming over twenty kilometers a spectacular whole with all these houses in pastel colors.


Many tourists from all over the world consider Florence to be one of the most beautiful city in the world. The Italian city of Tuscany is considered a jewel of Europe. The Italian city located in the region of Tuscany is a real museum. Indeed, every street, alley and building is steeped in history. Gothic and Renaissance architecture, art galleries and museums as well as the local gastronomy are just a few reasons why Florence is appreciated by tourists from all over the world.


From a distance, it is difficult not to recognize San Gimignano. Perched on a hill, its 13 high towers stand in the middle of vineyards and olive trees: a real medieval setting! The city once had 72 tower houses. Each family went there from its construction to prove its wealth and greatness. They met in the towers, linked by gateways in case of enemy attack. Unfortunately, in 1348 the plague decimated a third of the inhabitants of San Gimignano.


Located in Tuscany, an iconic Italian region known for its art and gastronomy, Siena is a city where architecture rises very high. Florence’s eternal rival is a giant open-air museum celebrating the Gothic style. Siena is thus endowed with secular and spiritual monuments which have preserved both their medieval forms and their extraordinary art collections, offering the visitor something to marvel again and again!


The most unmissable of Italian cities, for its cultural richness, its historical heritage and its mythical places, it offers a total change of scenery! The city has remarkably preserved its monuments and its grandiose works of art, witnesses of a very rich past. Strolling in Rome is a real stroll through the ages in fascinating settings! In fact, many are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Described as a small town with the personality of a metropolis, Kelowna is a great place to recharge your batteries! Find the amenities of a big city and extraordinary views of mountains and unaltered streams. Kelowna brings together relaxation & outdoor adventures in one place.


Bubbly and terribly endearing, Buenos Aires is unique in South America. Its architecture is reminiscent of its European character: more than once, during your stay, you think you have landed in Italy, Spain or even France. The Argentinian capital nevertheless retains its own identity, thanks to the richness of its culture and its art of living where the pleasures of the table and the tango reign supreme.


The Valley of Uco has the particularity of having some of the highest vineyards in the world at the very foot of the Andes! It is one of the most enchanting wine landscapes and without a doubt the Valley will awaken your sensations. This fertile oasis is located in the center of the province of Mendoza and will surprise you with its landscapes and natural beauties.


Did you know that three quarters of Argentina's wine production comes from this region with a mild and sunny climate? If you are a lover of wine and beautiful landscapes, go to the pretty area of Lujan de Cuyo, only about twenty kilometers from Mendoza.


Located at the foot of the Andes, Mendoza is a laid back city. Known for its surrounding vineyards, the city will offer you the opportunity to have fun through tastings or to stroll along its wide green streets. Discovering Mendoza also means exploring the bars and restaurants overflowing on the sidewalks that come alive after dark.


Located between Valparaiso and Santiago, the Maipo Valley is one of the best known and renowned regions of Chile. Wine has been produced in this region since the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century. On a trip to Chile, take the time to spend the day exploring this valley where your day will be mainly dedicated to the tasting of Cabernet Sauvignon with the visit of the Concha y Toro vineyard, the leading exporter of wines in Latin America and one of the most important winemaking brands in the world, present in more than 135 countries.


Enter the Casablanca Valley and discover a very fertile wine region of Chile. In the west of the country, the Casablanca Valley enjoys a climate exposed to the iodized air of the sea and the winds coming from the ocean. Thanks to the freshness of this coastal region, a delicious Chardonnay is grown there. Be sure to visit the factories and taste these fruity wines with a unique flavor.


Shaped in spite of common sense, the capital nestled in the hollow of the Andes has not made sparks in terms of urban planning and persists in building towers. But as vertical and hectic as it is, we feel behind its blurred décor an irrepressible vitality, a variegated space conducive to wanderings and bohemia, in a whole where the times are telescoped. From the city center, still intact with its scent of Old Europe, to the Mercado Central where to nibble an empañada under a glass roof à la Baltard, through the new bosque district, the delightful gardens of Vitacura or the hill of Bellavista, the stroll leads gently to the noche santiagueña, indisputable witness of a new modernity. Admiring your first moonrise while sipping a Pisco sour is a great way to start your trip to Chile...


Since 2007, Bordeaux has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site! The historic center of Bordeaux is a place that has received the influences of a classical and neoclassical architecture, and some plots of which have been preserved for two centuries! Strolling through Bordeaux is the assurance of finding magnificent details.


City of Charente, Cognac gives its name to the brandy produced in the surroundings and which constitutes one of the economic activities of the city! For 25 years, the Cognac detective film festival took place every June! The old town has a very special charm with its houses dating from the 15th to the 18th century, the Château des Valois. Take a tour of the Cognac Houses to visit the factory facilities and go for a stroll in the Cognac public garden, a superb English-style garden designed by the architect Edouard André.


Why visit Dijon? It is a commune in the Côte-D'Or department in eastern France. It is the heiress of a rich historical and architectural heritage which makes it a tourist city and also renowned for the gastronomy of its region. Its historic center is the second component of the climates of the Vineyards of Burgundy, which are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dijon is therefore a great idea to go on weekends or holidays.


Discover some of Alsace's most beautiful landscapes and picturesque villages: this private day trip makes it easy to explore beyond the city limits. Departure in the morning from your hotel and travel in an air-conditioned minivan. You will visit the "four wonders of Alsace": Eguisheim, Kayserberg, Ribeauvillé and Riquewihr - all medieval villages perfect for postcards. Gradually, pass by the local vineyards, and even stop for a wine tasting of the best grape varieties in the region.


Capital of the Grand Est region, Strasbourg has also been the parliamentary capital of Europe since 1949. Its historic center of the Big Island is classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site and is worth a visit. But it is not only its heritage to make its success: its cuisine, its famous Christmas market, its bars and restaurants make Strasbourg a success. It is a city where it is very pleasant to stroll. The covered bridges, the Petite France district, the Palais des Rohan, the Notre-Dame Cathedral or the Kammerzelle house are a must. The city of Strasbourg is dynamic, cultural and nature is just a stone's throw from it. Alsatian wines, beers, flammekueche, sauerkraut... Alsatian specialties put the visitor's heart in joy!


Because the tasting is above all a human encounter, oenologists and champagne winegrowers welcome you in their cellars or their hillsides and introduce you to their secrets... The Champagne Tourist Route offers visitors nearly 400 kilometers of arrowed routes to discover this complex art of the marriage of grape varieties or vintages to offer you an infinite variety of tastes!


Paris is monumental, by its size of course but also by its rich architectural heritage! One of the symbols of note Capital, its best known monument is the Eiffel Tower, this "Iron Lady" with a unique look offers an unparalleled view to its visitors. Not far away is the Equally emblematic Arc de Triomphe. Borrowed from history, it dazzles during the sunny days when you can see the sun setting in the hollow of this large arch. Another must-see, Notre-Dame-de-Paris Cathedral offers a grandiose spectacle. This masterpiece of Gothic architecture, lets admire its sculptures, its nave, its towers and even its crypt! Equally evocative and having inspired writers and filmmakers alike, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart hosts the largest mosaic in France and enjoys an incredible panorama from the top of the Montmartre district! Paris is still its mythical squares: the Place de la Concorde with its two fountains, its rostral columns and the incredible obelisk of Luxor, the Place de la Bastille with its famous Colonne de Juillet which commemorates the revolutionary days and its very modern Opéra national de Paris, the Place de L'Opéra which exhibits its magnificent Opéra Garnier....


A photo will never capture the grandiose sensation that invades you the first time you face the power of Niagara Falls.