voyages sportifs "sur mesure"


In 1990, Marc Savoie, decided to turn his passion for skiing into a career and a new life.

The team at Sportvac Voyages has been sharing this passion with its clients for close to 30 years now. Since then, the agency’s offering has expanded to include golf and Formula 1 holidays.

We at Sportvac Voyages continue to stoke our passion with regular travel so we can explore the destinations we sell, ensuring we’re in the best possible position when advising our clients. We’re always looking for new getaways, new hotels, and, of course, new tours.

These trips have taken us to many regions and, after visiting a number of wine regions, it occurred to us that Sportvac Voyages should offer wine tours. After careful planning and several successful visits and meetings, this year we are launching our new division—with even more enthusiasm than ever!

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When you take the time to talk to a specialist, everyone wins. Whether you’re interested in skiing, golfing, cycling or wine tasting, you’re not buying a trip. Rather, you’re sharing your plans, hopes and motivations with us because you’re looking for a vacation that will delight you. Because we listen to your needs and figure out what makes you tick, we’re in a position to plan your dream trip with you and for you.

Clients often enquire about a specific destination. But after a few exchanges, all involved realize that the initial idea won’t really live up to expectations. Because we’re here to guide you as best we can, we can then suggest more relevant travel plans. Our decades of experience mean we’re able to do this, for the sole purpose of making sure you’re so pleased with your escapade that you’ll already be looking forward to your next trip!

That’s what sets Sportvac Voyages apart.