Blog » A top-of-the-line heli-skiing experience for experienced skiers!

A top-of-the-line heli-skiing experience for experienced skiers!

Take a ski area of several thousand square kilometers, between the Pacific Ocean and the coastal mountains of British Columbia. In this wilderness environment of snow-capped peaks, glaciers, couloirs and forests, imagine abundant powder snow of exceptional quality! Add an experienced guide, a small group of skiers who are picked up by helicopter at the door of their lodge and flown to the top of the mountain! This is probably every heli-skier’s dream! Combine this with a wilderness lodge with luxurious comfort and a warm, intimate atmosphere, typical Canadian hospitality, and delicious West Coast inspired cuisine… and you have the ingredients for an unforgettable adventure trip.

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A high level heli-skiing experience!

Heliskiing in the Bella Coola region (British Columbia, Canada) allows you to experience the adrenaline of dizzying descents in a region with an authentic and wild character. Judge for yourself: 5,700 km² of untouched terrain with glaciers, couloirs and spectacular peaks await you! You will experience unique sensations here, especially during your descents with a view of the Pacific Ocean! The weather is stable, the snow is abundant, and the varied terrain is perfect for the most seasoned skiers, eager for thrills. In short, a very high level skiing experience, in an impressive panorama!

Skiing in a small group, under strict safety conditions
Helicopter skiing is done in small groups (4 to 5 people) and without waiting time! Each morning, the helicopter picks you up directly in front of the lodge, which makes the experience even more exclusive.

Everything is done to maximize the time you spend on your skis! That’s what you came for, right? Bella Coola is a 1.5 hour flight from Vancouver. This allows you to ski the afternoon you arrive at the lodge, and ski the morning before you return to Vancouver. A 7 night lodge experience is equivalent to 7 days of skiing (6 full days and two half days). Your ski pass is based on a pre-determined number of meters to descend (30,500 m of vertical drop included for a 7 night program).

Safety is a high priority at Bella Coola. Each skier is equipped with avalanche bag, shovel, probe and Ortovox type search device. The guides are true professionals. Nevertheless, every skier must be aware of the risk that can be involved in heli-skiing. In fact, a law in Canada obliges each participant in a heli-skiing activity to sign a waiver excluding the responsibility of the organizer in case of an accident.

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Your vacation in a huge ski area with exceptional snow coverage

Bella Coola is located 400 km north of Vancouver, between the jagged fjord coastline and the coastal mountain range. Moist air from the Pacific meets the coastal mountains and dry air from the mainland, resulting in abundant powder. Thanks to this advantageous location, temperatures remain pleasant (the cold is less extreme than in the heart of the Rockies) and snow conditions are exceptional! Add to that the magnificent views of mountain peaks, glaciers, couloirs, forests… and the Pacific, and you have the ingredients to make every heli skier’s or snowboarder’s dream come true!

Your stay in a luxurious family lodge with an intimate atmosphere!

Imagine your lodge in the heart of Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, surrounded by forests and streams and breathtaking mountain views. The lodge has a maximum capacity of 15 guests, ensuring a relaxed, family atmosphere and a totally exclusive experience.
You stay in private log cabins, typical of Canada! Each cabin is luxuriously appointed (full bathroom, fireplace) so you can recuperate after your day in the great outdoors.
The main building is the meeting place before and after your ski day. Here you will find the restaurant, the bar with pool table, a lounge and a multimedia room. A massage service and an outdoor Jacuzzi are also available to relax and recover from the day’s aches and pains!
Throughout your stay, you will enjoy typical Canadian hospitality and discover a succulent cuisine with West Coast inspirations as well as a wine list that includes the very best wines of British Columbia.

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