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Saint-Lary Soulan is the charm and traditions of a mountain village, the dynamism of a ski resort, the tranquility of a spa, all with the character of the Pyrenean soil. Located in the Aure valley, on the Neste d’Aure river, in the Hautes-Pyrénées, its proximity to Spain, gives it a dimension of freedom and exoticism.

As soon as you arrive in Saint-Lary, discover the authenticity of a Pyrenean village with its stone and half-timbered facades. But our Pyrenean identity doesn’t stop there…

Walk through the lively streets, a free shuttle bus runs regularly in winter and allows you to reach the village center quickly and easily from one end of the resort to the other. No need to use your car anymore!

Our souvenir shops or stores selling decorative items are waiting for you to give a “mountain” touch to your interior. Also find stores of ready-to-wear, fashion accessories, and of course local products.

Here, the southwestern atmosphere is at the rendezvous! During the tourist season, the terraces of cafes and restaurants welcome you around the main pedestrian street, even in winter, wrapped up in your down jacket!


The ski area is one of the largest in the Pyrenees with more than 100 km of runs. It extends over different slopes with different configurations: sometimes in the high mountains, sometimes in the forest…

A wealth of scenery and exposure that guarantees being able to ski in most weather conditions!




The gastronomy of the Pyrenees is honored in Saint-Lary. You can taste local products to take away or at the table of our many restaurants. The producer-breeders of ewes, goats, cows or black pigs are proud to offer their productions at restaurants, or for direct sale at the farm.

Black pig and garbure (Pyrenean soup) are the stars of our plates in winter. Cheeses from the pastures accompany them in our gastronomic menus. To discover all these specialties, the country markets are the privileged morning appointments: in Saint-Lary on Saturday, in Arreau on Thursday and in Vielle- Aure on Tuesday.


Spit cakes or other rillettes, pâtés and garbures are made or preserved in the valley at some of our producers. Saffron is also grown here and comes to spice up our dishes. Mountain honey is of course on the agenda! The black bees of the Pyrenees are raised in the heights and gather our wild flowers from spring for a beautiful variety of organic honey.

Wool producers (mohair goat angora) raise their goats with passion and offer you their confections directly in their store! The mohair wool is exceptional and of excellent quality. You will be surprised by the softness of the rugs, stoles and other socks to complete your winter wardrobe…


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