Go easy on your budget and enjoy a unique travel experience with a group

Sportvac Voyages always offers packages that match your needs and expectations, booked and settled before you leave. This means you can leave with peace of mind, your travel documents in hand, and with all the information you need for a smooth trip. From this perspective, a group trip can be a worthwhile experience in several regards.

The cost of a getaway is often less expensive when travelling with a group. Although your budget is the first to benefit, you’ll enjoy the undeniable benefits that come with this kind of travel package.

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All our groups are accompanied by a guide who knows the destination well. Your only job is to enjoy your trip, leaving all the logistics up to your travel guide! Whether your group is skiing, golfing or taking a wine tour, you'll experience a fun way to discover your program.


When you arrive at the airport, your transport will be waiting for you and the other members of your group—no need to search! Your guide is on top of every detail. He or she will greet you and together you’ll immediately hit the road, minds at ease.


Your arrival at the hotel will be quick and easy and, as you settle in your room, your guide will take charge of the rest for your stay: ski passes, organizing your golfing departure, tickets for your wine tour or for the activities in your program ...


Throughout the trip, you’ll receive information or suggestions to help you take full advantage of your holiday and to visit as many attractions as you can in the region.


During a ski trip, you can follow the trail map without getting lost. Accompanied by your guide, you might even venture into areas of the mountain you might otherwise not have dared to. In addition, an experienced guide always knows which part of the mountain is the best and where to find the right snow because of their ability to read the weather. With your guide’s support, you’ll enjoy snow conditions that are not only optimal, but safe as well!


Over the years, we’ve witnessed the bonds of friendship that form among our group members. Just travelling with people who share the same passions is certainly a contributing factor. People enjoy practising their favourite sport together and, after several days or tours, a whole lot of good memories are made. These experiences make it even easier to establish a rapport with others.

During your trip, you are still free to spend one or more days on your own, enjoying the quiet pace that you set for yourself, however you please. You’ll still benefit from the practical help of the group, but won’t be tied down to it all the time.

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